Dip-dyed Macrame Plant Hangers

What better way to add dimension and style to your rope projects? Dip dyeing is fun and oh so vibrant. The product I use in my Macrame Plant Hanger projects is Dylon brand Hand Fabric dye. I have used the Bahama Blue and Intense Violet so far. The application is very easy (just follow package directions), although a little time consuming it is certainly worth the effort. I had tremendous success dip dyeing Ropeshop's 100% 3 strand cotton rope, achieving beautiful results. The effect was both subtle and vibrant, a wonderful combination. Have fun with your rope and try a little dip [...]

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Paracord Cross

Looking for a craft to do on a cooler August afternoon? Why not use one of the  34 Colours of Paracord we offer to make a neat paracord cross necklace! Don’t know how? Don’t worry, check out for patterns and help in creating your unique bracelet. We’ll supply the rope, you finish the job. We’d love to see your finished paracord charms, or any other rope craft/piece you have made. So be sure to tweet them to us @RopeShopdotCa or post them on our FaceBook page!

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Macrame Plant Hanger

Hi Rope Shop I'm a small business owner (Classic Vintage Decor). I operate out of my home in Fort McMurray, Ab. making macrame plant hangers and wall hangings that I sell at the local markets. I usually find my materials in thrift stores but I wanted to make items with a more refined look I began looking online for cotton cord/rope. Finding your online store that sells 100% Canadian made cotton rope was amazing. Thanks for the great quality material so I can make great Home Decor items.

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Customer Post: Backyard Project

Hi Ropeshop! Thanks for getting the Manila rope to us as quick as you did. We were able to finish our backyard project in time for our Canada Day Tiki bar/pool party. The rope was used in a traditional fence design but also trimmed out the Tiki Bar door and window frames. The rope gave us that nautical look even though we are located in the desert region of Canada’s Okanagan Valley. Thanks again for a great product and prompt service. Jim & Yvonne

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Customer Post: Macramé Wedding Backdrop

Wedding season is upon us and macramé is in full force! One of my good friends is getting married in Pemberton, BC. and I decided to create a backdrop for the two of them to stand in front of while they tie their own knot. ;) I used a mix of Ropeshop's rayon cord and cotton three strand rope to create something that will hopefully stand the test of time just like their marriage. :) xox Kimberly

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Customer Post: Cotton Rope Macrame Wall Hanging

 This is the first piece I completed using 1.98mm 100% 3 Strand Cotton Rope. It was so satisfying to work with a smaller gauge rope! I can't wait to explore more possibilities and I'm thrilled to have found a Canadian supplier for high quality natural rope for fibre art. - Alison

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Customer Post: Canada Day Event with the International Guild of Knot Tyers

On July 1st, eleven tall ships will be on display at Pier 8 - Hamilton. The International Guild of Knot Tyers will also be participating in the 150 year celebrations with a static and interactive knot display. Along with examples of practical and decorative knots, there will also be an opportunity to make your own dragon fly (must be 4 years of age or older), or try your hand at the six knot challenge. Here is a video on how the challenge is done: When visiting our display, ask for a Canada Day sailor's bracelet or a Canada [...]

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Customer Post: Mickey & Minnie Water Bottle Holders

This pair of water bottle holders (will also hold cans of your favorite beverage) are made with 550 paracord. The cord has been "needle hitched" around an empty water bottle. I've added a handle (Portuguese sennit) and a split ring so that the holder can be carried by either a strap or carabiner or you can use the handle as a belt loop. By: John Staley  

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