Customer Post: Macrame Mason Jar Holder

 Now that summer is here I wanted to make myself something to hold wildflowers, so today I decided to try making a macrame mason jar holder using Rope Shop’s 3mm twisted cotton rope. I love the way the macrame mason jar holder turned out and I will be making more of these! Marjut

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Customer Post – Macramé Wall Hanging

I have searched high and low for an affordable supply of large quantities of rope for macrame projects! So excited to have found Ropeshop and even better that they are Canadian! The rope is perfect! Excellent quality and shipped super fast right to my mailbox! One happy gal right here! In this photo I used the 3mm cotton rope! - Nikki  

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Customer Post – Dogs with Jobs: Paracord leashes and collars

This week we received a new project submission from one of our customers. Robin created custom dog collars and leashes with all proceeds supporting PADS (Pacific Assistance Dog Society). PADS does amazing work in the community by breeding, raising and training certified assistance dogs. If you're interested in learning more or contributing in your own way, check out their website. These leashes and collars were created with our 550 Commercial Paracord, in several colours. The buckle on the collar is our Contoured Side Release Buckle. We're happy to see our rope being used in projects like this that really help others! Thanks for [...]

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Customer Post – Macrame Plant Hanger

I've been working with my natural 3 strand cotton rope from for some time now. I was so glad I purchased the 1500 foot spool! The rope is just the right size (3mm), weight and texture for most of the macramé crafts I'm doing right now, especially the plant hangers. The most beautiful thing about this rope is how it feels. The texture is so soft and knots up just perfectly whether it be a basic square knot, half square knot twist, crown knot or wrap knot. Not to mention how fabulous it looks when I unravel the ends of [...]

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Customer Post – Rope Key Chain

I wanted to macramé a keychain but the rope (5mm) I had on hand was too thick. I un-twisted the 100% cotton 3 strand rope from and used the individual strands to make the keychain. It worked perfectly! Cindy Thanks for sharing Cindy! If you have a project or tutorial you'd like to share, fill out the form on our "Submit your Article" page. We'd love to feature your work!

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Larks Head Knot Tutorial

How to make a larks head knot Here's a step by step tutorial on how to create a larks head knot (also known as a cow hitch). This knot can be used in many applications. Specifically in macramé it's one of the essential knots to learn because most times it's used a starter knot to mount your piece on a dowel, ring, etc. Step 1: Fold your rope in half: Step 2: Place your folded rope over your dowel: Step 3: Pull the center of your loop over and behind the dowel: Step 4: Bring the ends of your rope to [...]

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Customer Post – Rayon Cord Plant Hanger

This is my first plant hanger made using Ropeshop's 100% rayon rope ! It was so easy to work with and its the perfect material to use as an alternative to cotton. Its a little less expensive (especially when it's on sale!!) and looks and feels the same! I was so happy with it and can't wait to knot up some more home decor creations! Thanks, Kim Thanks to Kim for sharing this gorgeous project! We love how creative our customers are! Be sure to check out our fabulous Rayon cord before it's gone... it's on sale while supplies last! But [...]

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Customer Post – Rope dress

Today we're featuring a customer project by Isadora. She created this amazing rope dress: About the project: "I chose to wear a 'knotical' dress to the Hamilton Bay Sailing Club's Commodore Ball 4 years ago.  I made it from a continuous 250' length of 5/16" sailing line. I plan to turn it into a hammock one day or maybe rig a boat.  :)" Thanks for sharing, Isadora! We always love seeing what our customers create with our rope.

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Paracord Fleur de Lis Knot Tutorial

How to make a Fleur de Lis Knot To make this fleur de lis knot all you need is 4ft of 550 Paracord in any colour. It's a beautiful decorative knot that can be used to embellish paracord jewellery, lanyards or other rope projects. Start by folding your rope in half to create a loop in the center: Create a second loop with the right end: Cross that strand over the two loops and hold in the centre: With the left end, create another loop below the strand that crossed over the centre in the previous step: Bring the end [...]

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How to Make Rope Out of the Yucca Plant

The yucca is a perennial plant with long sword-shaped leaves, typically found in rocky deserts, prairies, grasslands, mountainous regions and coastal sands. It can be used in survival situations like: Food (in most species the flower is edible); Soap (fibers from the leaf mixed with water creates a paste that can be used as soap) Fire (dried yucca plant makes great tinder). Yucca fibers are quite strong so they’re great for making your own rope. Follow this tutorial from Survival Life to learn how to make your own.

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