Paracord Cross

Looking for a craft to do on a cooler August afternoon? Why not use one of the  34 Colours of Paracord we offer to make a neat paracord cross necklace! Don’t know how? Don’t worry, check out for patterns and help in creating your unique bracelet. We’ll supply the rope, you finish the job. We’d love to see your finished paracord charms, or any other rope craft/piece you have made. So be sure to tweet them to us @RopeShopdotCa or post them on our FaceBook page!

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Macrame Plant Hanger

Hi Rope Shop I'm a small business owner (Classic Vintage Decor). I operate out of my home in Fort McMurray, Ab. making macrame plant hangers and wall hangings that I sell at the local markets. I usually find my materials in thrift stores but I wanted to make items with a more refined look I began looking online for cotton cord/rope. Finding your online store that sells 100% Canadian made cotton rope was amazing. Thanks for the great quality material so I can make great Home Decor items.

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Customer Post: Backyard Project

Hi Ropeshop! Thanks for getting the Manila rope to us as quick as you did. We were able to finish our backyard project in time for our Canada Day Tiki bar/pool party. The rope was used in a traditional fence design but also trimmed out the Tiki Bar door and window frames. The rope gave us that nautical look even though we are located in the desert region of Canada’s Okanagan Valley. Thanks again for a great product and prompt service. Jim & Yvonne

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Customer Post: Macramé Wedding Backdrop

Wedding season is upon us and macramé is in full force! One of my good friends is getting married in Pemberton, BC. and I decided to create a backdrop for the two of them to stand in front of while they tie their own knot. ;) I used a mix of Ropeshop's rayon cord and cotton three strand rope to create something that will hopefully stand the test of time just like their marriage. :) xox Kimberly

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Customer Post – Macramé Wall Hanging

I have searched high and low for an affordable supply of large quantities of rope for macrame projects! So excited to have found Ropeshop and even better that they are Canadian! The rope is perfect! Excellent quality and shipped super fast right to my mailbox! One happy gal right here! In this photo I used the 3mm cotton rope! - Nikki  

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Customer Post – Rayon Cord Plant Hanger

This is my first plant hanger made using Ropeshop's 100% rayon rope ! It was so easy to work with and its the perfect material to use as an alternative to cotton. Its a little less expensive (especially when it's on sale!!) and looks and feels the same! I was so happy with it and can't wait to knot up some more home decor creations! Thanks, Kim Thanks to Kim for sharing this gorgeous project! We love how creative our customers are! Be sure to check out our fabulous Rayon cord before it's gone... it's on sale while supplies last! But [...]

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Bench Makeover

If you’re getting a head start on your spring-cleaning, don’t throw out your old benches or chairs. Give your old pieces a new life by adding a woven rope seat. Try using our cotton rope for a more natural look or our double braid nylon to add a pop of colour. This tutorial from Today’s Nest is easy to follow and, as Sam says, it’s sturdy, stylish and gives the piece a little urban touch.

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Customer Post – Macramé Wall Hanging

I placed my first order last month in an attempt to fulfill a new year's resolution: pick up a hobby for the dark and gloomy February evenings! After going through my Pinterest account for many hours, I was inspired to give macramé a shot. Another source of inspiration was an episode of the Project Runway, my favourite TV show. In one of the last episodes in season 15, one of the contestants created a macramé dress from manila rope! I was intrigued. Project Runway Season 15 – Macramé Dress I did some research online and found out [...]

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Make Your Own Macramé Curtain

Macramé curtains are a great way of adding style to your home. Use this unique knotting technique to add some texture to any space. Emma from A Beautiful Mess shows us how to dress up a storage space but you can also use it as a window covering or a decorative wall piece. Try this with our 3 Strand Twisted Nylon rope.

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How to Make a Paracord Candy Cane Ornament

If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea or just want to add some extra holiday cheer to your home, check out this paracord candy cane ornament tutorial by Sarah from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. This step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow and it’s a great holiday craft to do with the kids!

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