Customer Post: Backyard Project

Hi Ropeshop! Thanks for getting the Manila rope to us as quick as you did. We were able to finish our backyard project in time for our Canada Day Tiki bar/pool party. The rope was used in a traditional fence design but also trimmed out the Tiki Bar door and window frames. The rope gave us that nautical look even though we are located in the desert region of Canada’s Okanagan Valley. Thanks again for a great product and prompt service. Jim & Yvonne

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How to Build a Pulk

If you love winter camping or hiking, you should try a pulk! Pulks are small toboggans that are harnessed to your waist, typically used to pull your winter gear behind you instead of carrying it on your back. Learn how to build a pulk with this tutorial from Smedley Co. will show you how easy it is to build your own.

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How to Build an Outdoor Movie Theatre

Enjoy the big screen from your own backyard. You don’t have to be stuck indoors while enjoying a blockbuster movie or sporting event, this DIY project from Wired teaches you how you can create your own outdoor theatre experience. For less than 10% of an off-the-shelf store package, this step-by-step project using nylon rope and some inexpensive hardware will have you up and running before the popcorn is ready.

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