Customer Submitted – Knotted Awareness Ribbons Tutorial

Everywhere we go today, you see people wearing “Awareness Ribbons”. Every color or combination thereof holds a special meaning to the wearer whether it be a disease, special event or remembering those who are serving in the military. The list is endless. Why not expand this list to include a scout group’s colors or any other organization or special event that the individual wants to recognize? Once You have gathered your materials, it’s time to start “building” your Awareness Ribbon. For the purposes of clarification, I am using smaller lengths of paracord to show you the opening steps. NOTE: For [...]

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Paracord Fleur De Lis Knot

How to make a Fleur de Lis Knot To make this fleur de lis knot all you need is 4ft of 550 Paracord in any colour. It's a beautiful decorative knot that can be used to embellish paracord jewellery, lanyards or other rope projects. Start by folding your rope in half to create a loop in the center: Create a second loop with the right end: Cross that strand over the two loops and hold in the centre: With the left end, create another loop below the strand that crossed over the centre in the previous step: Bring the end [...]

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