80 uses for Paracord

//80 uses for Paracord


Survival Life has a quick list of 80 things you can do with paracord. Take a look at the first 20 and let us know in the comments if you can think of any more!

  1. Tie tarp to trees
  2. Lanyard to hold items (knife, keys etc)
  3. Emergency para cord wrist band,
  4. Emergency snare (from one of the strands inside)
  5. Fishing line (from inner strands)
  6. Boot laces
  7. Floss with the inner strands
  8. Dog lead
  9. Emergency suture ( from inner strands)
  10. Wrap knife handle
  11. Bow drill
  12. Clothes line
  13. Improvise a seat by lashing a long log horizontally to 2 trees
  14. Emergency repair for sail while sailing/canoeing
  15. Belt for your trousers
  16. Hang kettle/cooking pot over a fire
  17. Emergency sewing thread (from inner strands)
  18. Make a fishing net from inner strands
  19. Make into a net hammock
  20. Improvise a sling
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