Customer Spotlight: Dot & Lil/Clark & James

//Customer Spotlight: Dot & Lil/Clark & James


We work hard to offer our customers high quality, Canadian made rope. That effort pays off when our customers come back to purchase their cord from us again and again. Today, we’re excited to introduce a new feature on, our first customer spotlight with Montreal based Dot & Lil and their brother brand Clark & James Grooming Co. Anne Dardick, President & Creative Director of Dot & Lil was kind enough to talk to us about the company.

The Dot & Lil Team

Tell us a little about Dot & Lil.
Dot & Lil makes heirloom-inspired, finely crafted goods for bath, body & home. Our products are all made by hand in our Mile-End studio in Montreal. The things we make are about blending old with new and modern with vintage. We also design and make a line of men’s goods, our brother brand Clark & James Grooming Co.

What would you say is your favourite thing about about what you do?
I love fragrances and design, so being surrounded by nice smelling things and constantly revising and improving our product line are my favourites.

What product do you use RopeShop’s rope for?
We use RopeShop’s cotton 3-strand rope for the Cotton Rope soaps in our Clark & James Grooming Co. line.


What attracted you to RopeShop’s cotton rope, as opposed to ordering overseas?
They are extremely easy to order from and work with, and I like the ability to easily place orders online. I like the fact that the ropes are made in Canada.

What was the inspiration to start the Clark & James line of mens products?
Dot & Lil had been making men’s and shaving goods for a few years, and we finally decided that splitting it into a separate brand allowed for it to better meet our male clients expectations and needs. The aesthetic is very different from our Dot & Lil line, and it is nice to be able to develop that brand with its own voice. Clark & James is inspired by two fine gentlemen of the past, movie stars Clark Gable and James Stewart. The products are inspired by fine gentlemen, fine homes and doing things the old way. Carefully designed and finely crafted by hand in our Montreal studio.

What’s a product at Dot & Lil that you’re particularly excited about?
We just added candles to the Clark & James line for the first time, and I am very excited to see how they do! We are also working on launching our first Clark & James Grooming Co. colognes this year, and that is a project I am very excited to share with our customers!

Are Dot & Lil’s products available in retail stores?
Yes Dot & Lil products and Clark & James Grooming Co. products are available from and, as well as at a selection of brick & mortar retailers in Canada and the USA. Each of the websites has a list of retailers where the products are available.

Thanks to Anne for speaking with us about her company and wonderful line of products.

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