DIY Tomato Cages

//DIY Tomato Cages


These easy DIY cages only took me 20 minutes to make. In my case, I used some bamboo plant stakes that I had leftover from last years garden. Although you could use a variety of options for the stakes, from 2×2 wood stakes, to even collecting sturdy (and straight) broken branches for the ultimate in reuse.

Take the four stakes and place them at the corners of a 1 foot square, with the seedling in the centre. After building my first set, I’d recommend angling the stakes slightly outward to accommodate the growth of the tomato plant. In my case, I’ve just taken to gently adjusting the branches as they grow.

With our 100% Cotton Butcher Twine (or 1/8″ Sisal Twine) I tied around the stakes every 6 inches. If you prefer, you can also add twine as the plant grows, but I chose to set up the twine in one shot.

Now as the plant grows, it’ll be well supported and able to produce tons of delicious tomatoes.

Thanks to It’s All in the Detail for the original idea.

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