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Project Description

How to make a larks head knot

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to create a larks head knot (also known as a cow hitch). This knot can be used in many applications. Specifically in macramé it’s one of the essential knots to learn because most times it’s used a starter knot to mount your piece on a dowel, ring, etc.

Step 1: Fold your rope in half:

Larks Head Knot Step1

Step 2: Place your folded rope over your dowel:

Larks Head Knot Step2

Step 3: Pull the center of your loop over and behind the dowel:

Larks Head Knot Step3

Step 4: Bring the ends of your rope to the loop you just created, making sure that they are over your dowel:

Larks Head Knot Step 4

Step 5: Pull the ends through the center of the loop:

Larks Head Knot Step 5

Step 6: Continue pulling the ends until your knot is tight:

Larks Head Knot Step 6

There it is – a lark heads knot!

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