rescues a budding scientist

// rescues a budding scientist

Saving Science projects with 100% Cotton rope

We were recently contacted by a mom who was

“Desperately looking for cotton Cordage 1.27cm/0.5inches/12.7mm in diameter by 30.48/12 inches/ 304.8 mm in length for my sons science project, I was thinking it would not be a hard item to find but am surprised as I have been to Michael’s, Rona, Fabric land, Lens Mills in Cambridge, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s”.

She was unable to find what she was looking for at any of these locations. Our 100% Cotton 3 Strand rope and 100% Cotton Braided rope were two possible options for her, and since she was local and could use our pick up option, had it in her hands by the end of the day. Shortly after we received the following email.

“Thank You again for all your help today, please know my son will be so excited as we went out looking last night with no luck.”

If you’re located near Hamilton, Ontario we’ve recently begun to offer local pickup for customers who are looking to pickup rope quickly for their projects, science or otherwise. Simply contact us at prior to placing your order and we’ll be glad to help you.


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