Tree House Pulley DIY

//Tree House Pulley DIY

Everyone has great memories of playing in a friend’s tree house as a child. Whether it was a camp out or a summer afternoon well spent, these backyard staples are hours of fun for your little ones. Now it’s your turn, make your yard the talk of the neighbourhood, by taking your tree house from ordinary to extraordinary. Lets start by adding a pulley system. These allow for kids to move toys, snacks, or whatever else they can fit into a bucket up into the tree house in a much more fun way.

You’ll need to start by getting your materials.

  1. A length of rope, which is double the height that your pulley will span. (i.e.: if the desired height is 10 ft., the rope will need to be 20 ft.) 100% Cotton Braided Rope
  2. A pulley, which you can find at a local hardware store.
  3. Sturdy clips to attach your bucket (or other pull-up attachment)
  4. A bucket, or other pull-up attachment
  5. If desired, an anchor point to tie off the rope when the mechanism is not in use.

Start by securing the pulley to a support over the desired lifting/lowering area. This area will need to be a point that can easily be reached without risk of falling from your treetop perch. Remember your reach will be longer than your child’s, so you might need some help from your little one here to determine a safe spot. Next, feed your rope through the pulley such that the end to which you’ll be attaching the bucket reaches the ground. Ensure that the rope moves smoothly through the pulley, and will not fray or become stuck. Attach your clip(s) to your ‘bucket’ end, followed by the bucket or other lift able container. Now secure an anchor point if desired, this will allow the pulley to be tied off if not in use. A branch or piece of the tree house itself can be used as a tie off if desired. Now to test out your pulley. If all has gone well, you should be able to lift and lower the bucket without issue. You may have extra rope. If desired trim the rope to the point when the ‘bucket’ end can reach the ground from the operation point. Keep in mind this is the most basic of tree house pulleys. If you feel that the pulley is not safe or have any other doubts do not allow the pulley to be used.

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