Frequently Asked Questions

Check-Out Difficulty

Technology is never perfect. From time to time there are issues with the checkout; computer glitches, updates, cookies, etc. If you experience a problem during checkout, simply email your order to We can then either process your payment by phone when your order is ready, or you can send us an Interac E-Transfer to

How can I determine the shipping charges for my order?

To see what your shipping costs will be, view your cart, then simply hit the “Calculate Shipping” link. Enter your your details and click “Update Totals”. You will be given the shipping amount before you complete your order. Also keep in mind Shipping is FREE! on orders of $200 or more (before taxes and discounts) within Canada.

I would prefer not to pay by credit card online.

Although we are an online retail business, we understand that some people prefer not to pay online by credit card. In this case, simply email with your order. We can then either process your payment by phone when your order is ready, or you can send us an Interac E-Transfer to Should you decide to order this way, please allow us 1 full business day to respond to your email (but we will respond much quicker if we can).

How long will it take to receive my order?

We do our best to ship orders within 2 business days of receiving them. More often than not, they ship next day. Unless otherwise specified, we make our shipments via UPS. Time in transit depends on where you live in relation to us. For shipments to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, or BC, please allow 4-6 business days. For shipments within Ontario or Quebec, please allow 1-3 business days.

If you need to receive your shipment by a specific date, please phone us at 1-866-847-1420 or email

What if I need my order faster than this?

If you need your order fast, please email it to us at and indicate the day you would like to receive it by. We can then arrange to courier it to you. Please note that this will be a more expensive shipping option, and is not included in our “Free Shipping” offer.

Can I pick my order up instead of having it shipped?

Orders can be picked up in Hamilton, Ontario where we rent some space from one of our suppliers (Cancord Inc.) at:


193 Elgin Street
Hamilton, ON
L8L 4Y2


They are open Monday-Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm excluding holidays, and some shut down periods. Should you choose to receive your order this way, please enter the coupon code Pick-Up upon checkout, and you will not be charged shipping. Note that we will contact you once your order is packed and ready. Please do not show up before you have been notified by us that your order is ready.

Do you accept Special Orders?

If you are looking for something that you don’t see in our catalogue, please email us at We have access to a wide assortment of cordage products and accessories through our various suppliers, and will do our best to track down what you are looking for.

Where is your store? Can I come in and browse?

At this time, we are strictly an online retail facility. We have done our very best to represent our product accurately online, but we do not have a location where you can come and browse through them. 

Can I return the product I purchased?

We do our best to ship quality product. If for some reason you receive defective product, please email and we will make arrangements to replace or refund your order. You have 30 days from the date you received your order to return product for other reasons for a full refund. Product can be returned to:
193 Elgin Street
Hamilton, ON
L8L 4Y2


Please ensure your original customer order is clearly marked on the outside of the package. All returned product must be unused in the original packaging. Any shipping charges associated with the returned product are the customers responsibility and will be deducted from the amount refunded.

Do you have any coupon codes?

We do our very best to keep our prices as low as possible but do not have regular coupon & discount codes. Please keep in mind that the majority of our products are manufactured in Canada at fair labour rates using raw materials that are Canada and North America sourced wherever possible. This makes our product a bit more expensive than what you may find at some major online retailers and big box stores, but we stand behind the quality and integrity of our product. You can count on us to run a sale every November over Black Friday Weekend. Aside from that we may have spot sales here and there on specific products but we do not offer regular coupon codes for orders under $500.

Do you have a Wholesale Discount?

We sure do! For orders of $500 or more please use the coupon code WHOLE20 for 20% off your order. You will still get free shipping within Canada. If your order will be over $3,000 please email and we will work on a larger discount for you.

What size of rope should I use for making rainbows?

Most of our customers use either 1/2″ or 5/8″3 strand cotton cord for making rainbows.

When will you get more Mystery Boxes in?

This is something it’s difficult for us to predict. Mystery boxes are generated from off-cuts we create when packaging rope into different lengths. Sometimes they also include off-cuts from our manufacturers. We typically have Assorted Mystery boxes on hand all the time, as they contain the widest assortment of ropes & cords and therefore, we generate them weekly. We typically only generate 2-3 Cotton, Paracord & Double Braid Mystery Boxes per month. Once we load them onto the site they often sell out within 24 hours so if you like these boxes make sure you are subscribed to receive notice when they go into stock.

How much rope is in a Mystery Box?

Our Mystery Boxes are packed by weight. The total length will vary based on the specific diameter of ropes contained within your Mystery Box. We do our best to ensure you get a great variety of products in each box. You will never get a piece shorter than 3 feet long and you could get pieces as long as 25 feet.


The minimum weights of our Mystery Boxes are:
Assorted Mystery Box – 25lb
Double Braid Mystery Box – 25lb
Cotton Mystery Box – 20lb
Paracord Mystery Box – 4lb

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do! If you’re unable to check out on our website, please email and we can arrange your order that way. Please note that we do not offer prepaid shipping outside of Canada. Duties and taxes are always the responsibility of the customer.

What is the best rope for making baskets & bowls?

Most of our customers who make rope bowls & baskets use our braided cotton rope, our cotton sash cord or our stage cord (which is listed under the “Utility” category. The cotton sash cord is a little stiffer and more dense than the braided cotton rope, and the stage cord has a nylon core. Both of those ropes are harder to sew through than our braided cotton rope if you don’t have a good needle on your sewing machine. However, those characteristics also make the bowls and baskets made from sash cord and stage cord easier to form and more rigid.

What is the safe working load of a rope?

When you see a rated Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS), be aware it is the optimum strength, achieved under laboratory conditions, in accordance with prescribed test procedures, using new rope and pulling at a slow, steady rate in a straight line. Real life applications normally involve many different types of forces and factors which will cause the rope to fail at much reduced loads. Accordingly, the safe working load of any new rope is much lower than the published minimum breaking strength. Blanket safe working load (SWL) recommendations cannot be made for any rope because the safe working load must always be calculated based on the application, conditions of use, and potential danger to personnel among other considerations. It is recommended that the end user establish the safe working load based on best practices established by the end user’s industry, professional judgement, and personal experience in combination with a thorough assessment of all risks. In life threatening or other critical applications the safe working load should not exceed 1/12 of the rated minimum breaking strength. In non-critical applications a safe working load of 1/5 of the ropes rated minimum breaking strength is often used.

Do knots affect the strength of a rope?

Knots reduce the strength of ropes by up to 50% because they cause the fibers to get distorted and to cut into each other.