Hoisting Rope (by the foot)


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This high performance product was designed specifically for lifting parts and equipment up towers in the telecommunications and similar industries.  Manufactured from premium, high tenacity fiber, this rope has exceptional strength and durability. It was developed with extensive input from tower workers, and field tested. The kernmantle style construction protects the load bearing fibers, which extends the life of the product. 

•             13mm (1/2”) diameter
•             9,000lb minimum breaking strength*
•             Low elongation
•             Superior abrasion resistance
•             Available with high strength terminations if required 

*Rated breaking strength is the optimum strength, achieved under laboratory conditions, in accordance with prescribed test procedures, on new rope, pulling at a slow, steady rate in a straight line. Real life applications normally involve many other types of forces and factors which will cause the rope to fail at much reduced loads. Accordingly, the safe working load of any rope is much lower than its nominal strength. In life threatening and similar critical conditions, the safe working load should not exceed 1/15 of the rated breaking strength. In non-life threatening applications, a safe working load of 1/5 of the rated strength may be acceptable.  Specifications may change without notice.

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Weight 0.045359 kg